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Go beyond basic data; evaluate how demographics impact buying and non-buying behavior. Analyze knowledge gaps and spending behavior in different socio-demographic groups. Helps frame social determinants of health.

Patient Journey

Understanding the actual paper journey from multi-year struggles to not even accessing diagnostic tools, is critical to understanding your patient. And it's never the version of the journey you think it is or wish it were.

Buyers vs. Non-Buyers 

All companies have access to data from those who purchase, but to capture additional market share, you need to look beyond common behaviors in buyers and find out why the non-buyers are passing you over. 

Buying Power

Going beyond average income and cost of living by zip code, learn what products and solutions your target audience is actually engaging with or purchasing. What brands are they connecting with? 

Fertility Health History

How does one's history impact their decision-making? From recurrent pregnancy losses to abortions and stillbirth, trauma of the past may be in the way of future success. How does it impact how you serve this clientele? How should it?

Knowledge Gaps

Seeing the vocabulary differences patients use in the questions they ask vs. vocabulary choices a provider uses in an answer, can set your marketing language and budget in a whole new way.


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