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About Us

Powering Better Decision Making

MedAnswers is a patient-centered health tech company now delivering business, market and health intelligence to biopharma, medical device companies, marketers, researchers and investors. Our patient engagement mobile tools (FertilityAnswers, OncologyAnswers, ImmunologyAnswers) empower clinically validated decision making for patients, as well as their partners and caregivers.


Our Story

MedAnswers was founded by patients, scientists, physicians and advocates to help people get personalized answers to their most pressing health questions from the experts who have the real answers. We launched our first mobile app FertilityAnswers and on accident amassed a vast amount of data, and even more so, the deepest understanding of the real fertility market out there. With more than 100,000 community members and 400 multi-disciplinary experts, we are replicating our solution across oncology, immunology, migraine's, menopause and more.

If you are a marketer, researcher, data consumer or investor, we have unique insights unavailable anywhere else. Contact us today so we can enable your progress . . . the data driven way. 

Meet The Team

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