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Make Better Decisions.
Real World Patient Evidence.
In Real Time. 

MedInsights is a division of MedAnswers, a patient engagement platform enabling patient journey insights for fertility, oncology, immunology and more. Used by marketers, researchers, drug developers, journalists and investors, we deliver real-time data insights in a secure, scalable platform. 

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Data You Can Trust

01. 250M Fertility Market              Data Points 

Through the popular FertilityAnswers mobile app, we collect on-going data with 99% health profile completion rates and 200% more engagement than competitors. Our data includes real-world evidence, genomics, behavioral analytics and more. 

02. Actionable Insights

Data is great, but actionable insights are better. Marketers can now understand how to capture audiences they previously did not know how to reach. Investors can better evaluate new startup ideas and timelines. Researchers can evaluate studies the market actually needs. Clinicians can improve communication and bedside manner. 

03. Real-Time Analytics

Our insights are updated in real-time with custom reports available, year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter analysis. Keep your finger on the pulse of the real market, not the one the media would like you to believe is out there. 

Understand Your
Patients and Audience Better

You may have analytics on your buyers, but what about the analytics on who hasn't bought? Uncover true market constraints, analyze your target market better, make informed budget decisions, improve diversity in clinical trial recruitment from study design to research execution, and even track your market impact over time. 




MedAnswers created the FertilityAnswers platform to help consumers get personal questions answered by experts, but along the way amassed a large volume of data now driving industry progress. 


We envision a world in which patients are at the center of the health care ecosystem and we are merely data stewards. We connect stakeholders through our platform to ensure we can turn this vision into reality.  


Our tech stack enables progress. 84% of users opt-in to participate in data insights and clinical trials. Patients are the resource. Technology is the connector to help our partners innovate for the patients they serve.



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BioPharma Company

“We always assumed there were racial disparities in accessing fertility health care, but seeing the data to support our claim is helping us innovate ways to solve the problem.”

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